IntegraSkin enables you as a doctor to be a part of a ground-breaking  personalised medicine approach

Join our associate dermatologists team and get access to artificial intelligence which helps you to find the most accurate and your patient best suitable answer to any question, related with his or hers inflammatory skin condition.

Publication and research

Being a part of IntegraSkin associated dermatologists you will be entitled to the most recent and systemized information about your patients. In addition, access to our data repository database will enable you to perform case-study reports, accurate demographic analysis, prospective studies, and peer-reviewed publications using our statistical analysis tools.

Best treatment outcomes

Using IntegraSkin patient investigation model you will be able to significantly improve treatment outcomes for your patients by choosing targeted therapeutic approach, avoiding withdrawals and better managing side effects

Efficiency and holistic approach

IntegraSkin allows you to evaluate all the aspects of the patient’s life and comorbidities and shift your treatment approach towards a personalised and individualised manner instead of generalized, media-driven approach.

How does it work?

1. You send the patient samples to IntegraSkin

According to your prescription or together with you and your patient, we choose the right investigational package for your patient to identify the optimal therapeutic approach and controlling withdrawal as well as side effects of the treatment.

2. Investigation of the samples

For a thorough and accurate investigation, we will need skin and blood samples from the patient. One lesional and one non-lesional skin biopsy as well as blood sample let us draw a map of unique immunological mechanisms by identifying local (skin) and systemic disease-relevant factors. 

3. Analysis and report

Our scientist will provide you with a detailed and explained investigational results. In this report you will also find patient individual profile measurements and accordingly adjusted suggestions for the therapeutic approach. All data will be based on evidence and the latest knowledge in the literature. Your patient also gets explanatory report, where the information is written in a patient-friendly manner. Together with you and your patients our specialists can take part in the consultation to go through all the test results as well as answer all the questions.

We keep the highest standards and use the newest technology as well as unique techniques to help you provide the best personalised care for your patients

We invite you to join IntegraSkin associated dermatologists team