Tailor our services to your needs

IntegraSkin (ISK) implement state-of-the-art biomedical analysis tools, cognitive computing, and our disease-relevant data repository to understand the molecular pathophysiology and, thus, improve the treatment efficacy for patients suffering from Chronic Inflammatory Skin Conditions (CISCs). In doing so, we provide services for patients, dermatologists, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Patients with CISCs

We provide advising services based on personalized therapy. ISK has a wide variety of packages and time-limited offers to fit the best balance between your needs and budget.

Please, check the list of our services’ repertoire for patients: Ki-DERM and ISK-Digital.


  • Support accurate diagnosis
  • Facilitate individualized therapy
  • Reduce the risk of side effects
  • Enable easy generation of case-study reports
  • Provide database services for research purposes

For more information please visit our page for Healthcare Professionals.

Pharmaceutical partners

  • Disease discovery: Similar to the concept of drug discovery, disease discovery utilizes our patient data repository to identify specific disease endotypes having an unmistakable molecular hallmark that can benefit from drugs with a readily described therapeutic target. This approach is suitable for drug repurposing as well as for the evaluation of novel drug candidates.
  • Clinical studies: We deliver high-quality tissue measurement and data mining analysis services for clinical trials or proof-of-concept studies using our OMIC platforms and AI pipeline. In addition, we serve as a coordinative bridge between health institutions, local dermatologists, and the pharma industry to perform clinical trials.

For more information please visit our page for Industrial Partners.