One Step Ahead in AI for Personalized Medicine

We are pioneering molecular analyses with AI for chronic skin conditions

ISK uses cutting-edge biomedical technology

Combined with the most advanced artificial intelligence techniques to identify the mechanisms of your disease and the most effective treatments for you.

What is IntegraSkin

We combine OMICs and AI.
We make personalised medicine.
We identify the optimal treatment for
Chronic Inflammatory Skin Conditions (CISCs).

Up to 90% of people potentially faces skin disorders at some point of their lives. Severe cases of Chronic Inflammatory Skin Conditions (CISCs) disrupt lives and social interactions, and many individuals find themselves in an unending cycle of trial-and-error treatments. Our motivation at IntegraSkin is to change this story line.

IntegraSkin (ISK) is committed to providing the most accurate therapy for each CISC patient by leveraging the power of AI and OMICs technologies for precision medicine. In doing so, ISK also identifies therapeutic targets involved in the disease mechanisms of patients‘ subpopulations to facilitate the development of targeted therapies.

The emergence of novel OMIC technology, for example, new generation sequencing, proteomics, and single-cell transcriptomics enable us to identify up to:

  • 18 000 different mRNAs in histological skin sections [whole transcriptome]
  • 10 000 different skin inflammation-relevant proteins
  • 200 markers for multiparametric immunophenotyping of:
    • Blood leukocytes
    • Cutaneous resident and infiltrating cells
  • 23 blood soluble factors
  • 2400 inflammatory cellular mechanisms

These technologies, combined with our expertise in study design, tissue processing protocols, databases, and proprietary AI algorithms, allow identifying disease mechanisms in each patient suffering from CISCs.

Understand how
IntegraSkin works.

We integrate information from your environment, lifestyle, diet, and up to 28,000 clinical and molecular parameters related to your skin to understand your disease.