Partnering with IntegraSkin

IntegraSkin is revolutionizing dermatology diagnostics by enabling the identification of the molecular mechanisms of disease in each patient. This personalized medicine approach is a natural consequence of advances in biomedicine. In this regard, OMIC technologies allow thousands of disease-relevant parameters to be measured from a small tissue sample, while Artificial Intelligence translates the interaction of these disease-relevant parameters into therapies applicable to each patient. To this end, we are always looking for commercial interaction with other industries that can create synergies with our operations.

Why partnering with ISK?

BECAUSE we are the future of diagnostics

ISK represents the first step towards changing the way doctors identify and treat most complex conditions, like Chronic Inflammatory Skin Conditions (CISCs), cancer, and infertility.

Hallmark symptoms are shared by more than one condition, whereas other diseases have different symptoms but share the exact etiology. Those are examples of the limitations of relying on symptomatology for diagnostic. The evolution of biomedical technologies eliminates this limitation by focusing on the molecular changes that explain the disease of each patient.

Therefore, ISK is changing the rules and laws in dermatology to make this evolution a revolution.

BECAUSE personalized dermatology is an unexplored field full of benefits

The number of people with CISC exceeds 750 million worldwide, and the incidence of these diseases continues to rise.
Due to the shortcomings of symptom-based diagnosis, most CISC patients lose confidence in the traditional treatment strategy of dermatologists, become dissatisfied and seek alternatives.
Unlike alternative medicine, ISK is a highly reliable approach that offers a holistic view without compromising its scientific accuracy. Thus, we stand as the only alternative worldwide with sufficient technological sophistication and know-how to handle personalized diagnosis in patients with CISCs.

Because we pave the way for other medical applications

Skin is a biopsy-friendly organ. Therefore, our well-established experimental protocols and analytical pipelines can be transferred to other medical specialties, where the complexity of obtaining biopsies to optimize protocols is much more challenging, as in the case of liver, brain or heart.

One of our most prominent realizations is the connection between comorbidities. Our line of analysis often identifies how comorbidities and their medication interact in the same individual. An approach that is currently impossible with any other system on the market. 

Disease discovery is a concept developed and applied by ISK. Analogous to drug discovery, disease discovery allows the identification of subpopulations (mostly endotypes) of patients who may benefit from a specific drug on the market that was originally approved for a different disease. Furthermore, the same concept can be applied to new drug candidates.