About Us

Our Team

IntegraSkin is a hand-picked family of professionals comprised of dermatologists, immunologists, mathematicians and business experts. We’re on a mission to revolutionize personalized dermatology using cutting-edge OMICs technologies and AI. Our journey, bolstered by a dedicated board and ardent supporters, reflects our commitment to reshaping skin healthcare

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder

Dr. Giménez Rivera

At IntegraSkin, we're pioneering molecular analyses for chronic skin conditions, revolutionizing diagnosis and treatment with our unique blend of OMICs and AI.

Chief Financial Officer & Co-founder

Dr. Krüger

Our aim is to go beyond symptom reduction to achieve permanent change. Our sustainable financial model benefits not just our company, but also patients and partners.

Chief Operations Officer & Co-founder

Mrs. Rivera

We understand that chronic skin conditions are more than what meets the eye. That's why we're committed to delivering individualized, comprehensive care to our patients.

Lead Engineer, AI Specialist & Co-founder

Jero Rodriguez Mair

Our technology harnesses vast amounts of data to unlock insights with AI. We're analyzing thousands of molecular factors and hundreds of clinical parameters to allow pinpoint accurate diagnoses and treatments.

Dermatology Director

Dr. Ramanauskaitė

Every day, I bear witness to the life-changing impact of our work at IntegraSkin. This isn't just about delivering treatments; we're in the business of changing lives. It's about transformation, one patient at a time.

QMS & Regulation Officer

Dr. Wrackmeyer

At IntegraSkin, we're not only committed to delivering innovative solutions in dermatology, but we ensure that we manage risks effectively and deliver quality, every step of the way.