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We investigate the unique pathways of your illness to provide you with the best therapeutic solutions

Why you should consider IntegraSkin for you:

The diagnosis of Chronic Inflammatory Skin Conditions (CISCs) is fundamentally based on the cutaneous presentation of symptoms. However, this approach is insufficient and unreliable to identify the specific cause or the optimal treatment for each patient. The most convincing evidence for this is the reportedly variable responses to drugs in different patients with atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, chronic urticaria, and other CISCs.

The therapeutic effect of medications is suboptimal in these patients because it is not tailored to each person. Consequently, it can also lead to side effects, such as infections, red-skin syndrome, skin thinning, and skin cancer. Unfortunately, these side effects are heavily underestimated due to the lack of affordable methodologies that provide solid statistical evidence in each patient. In fact, by now standards, optimal therapy is achieved by a long-lasting trial-and-error process with several medications, a practice that can also result in untraceable and potentially life-threatening side effects.

On the other hand, it is widely accepted that complex interactions between the patients’ own body and the environment are the culprits of CISCs and are unique to each persons’ disease. Thus, safely finding the tailored therapy for each patient requires a more sophisticated approach than merely describing their symptoms. At ISK, we developed multiparametric methodologies to understand each person’s skin:

  • We carefully and thoughtfully investigate the pathogenic mechanisms in each patients’ CISC. To do so, we assess thousands of mRNAs, proteins, and immune cells in your body using state-of-the-art OMIC technologies.
  • We encompass information intrinsic to your condition, such as immune system, skins’ hormonal and nerve function, environment, lifestyle, metabolism, and diet.
  • To validate our findings, we leverage the AI-based automatic surveillance of thousands of novel scientific reports, clinical trials, and approved therapies for your condition.
  • Using our powerful cognitive computing pipeline, our team of researchers and doctors integrate all these data to rationalize the mechanisms of your disease and propose the optimal therapy for you.

Finally, we summarize all our findings in a final peer-reviewed report delivered to you and your dermatologist, thus unraveling your tailored treatment and allowing you to live the healthiest possible life.

Please check the explanatory video and the links below of this page describing our service modalities and offers. You can also use our online survey to identify the correct product package for you.


Consultation with our specialists about your skin condition


If you are experiencing any kind of skin symptoms but have not been diagnosed by a dermatologist, do not hesitate to reach our to our team



Diagnostic packages for investigating personalised characteristics to your disease


We have 5 different investigational packages, so you could choose the
most appropriate modality to fit you needs.


How does it work?

You choose a diagnostic package from our list or make an appointment to consult our specialist


We investigate your skin and health condition as well as run detailed questionnaires. For further laboratory investigation we will take a small sample of your skin and blood


IntegraSkin team will provide you with two reports explaining the results and suggested individual therapeutic approach to control your skin condition: one for you and one for your dermatologist

It will take less than eight weeks to provide

you with the answers that will change the course of your disease

Chronic inflammatory skin diseases have a great impact on person’s personal as well as professional life. This part of skin diseases are not only a social factor affecting one’s self worth, but are also tightly related with a risk for mental health problems such as depression. 

It is important to know, that there are solutions you could use, you only need to find them. This is where IntegraSkin can help you and speed up the process of finding the best therapeutic methods for you. 

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