IntegraSkins’ mission is to harmonize the interests of patients, dermatologists, the pharmaceutical industry, and the healthcare system to find the perfect balance between the best and most affordable treatment for patients with Chronic Inflammatory Skin Conditions (CISC)s.

CISCs compress a highly heterogeneous group of diseases, which prevalence and incidence dramatically increased in the last 50 years. As of now, It is estimated that at least 750 million people worldwide suffer from CISCs.

While CISCs are regarded as non-lethal diseases, patients with those conditions experience significant impairment in their quality of life. Severe CISCs cases have wounds, rashes, and itchy lesions all over the body, abolishing any social integration and seriously impairing lives’ personal and professional success. Moreover, it is also worth mentioning that misdiagnosis can have fatal consequences, e.g., in patients with T cell lymphoma or chronic kidney disease.

The heterogeneous etiology, molecular complexity, and the symptoms-based diagnostic approach contribute to the poor understanding and suboptimal treatment of patients with CISCs, which in addition represents an important burden for the healthcare system. For example, in the United States alone, the costs associated with CISCs exceed $87 billion per year.

However, the development of high-throughput molecular methods (OMIC technologies) that provide patient-derived “Big Data” and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret and identify disease-relevant information within these data offers a new approach to address the problems mentioned above in CISCs.

IntegraSkin (ISK), first conceptualized in 2019, exploits the full potential of these OMIC technologies and AI to identify disease mechanisms and predict optimal treatments in patients with CISCs in a personalized manner. To do so, we combine unique standard operating procedures for human tissue processing, mRNA, and protein quantification, with the data mining capabilities of cognitive computing applications. Our approach is pioneering; we are the unique company offering these services for patients with CISCs worldwide at this level of sophistication.

By using this approach ISK is:

      • Improving the quality of life of patients with CISCs
      • Collaborating with dermatologists in basic and clinical research projects to disentangle the pathophysiological mechanisms that underlie each type and subtype of CISC
      • Facilitating the identification of a specific subpopulation of patients that can benefit from repurposed drugs or novel drug candidates
      • Minimizing the cost of the healthcare system by identifying the appropriate level of care and optimal therapy for each patient

Therefore, in doing so, we are providing solutions to harmonize the interests of patients, dermatologists, the pharma industry, and the healthcare system.