Revolutionizing healthcare
for Chronic Skin Conditions

IntegraSkin proudly presents the ISK-Digital App, an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the management of chronic inflammatory skin conditions (CISCs), including psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. This cutting-edge solution combines environmental and molecular insights, offering tailored, actionable advice for individualized care plans. While it complements our Ki-DERM service, ISK-Digital App also operates independently, providing flexibility and standalone value to users, for those willing to track and identify enviromental effects in their skin health.

The app alerts users to specific environmental triggers, such as pollen, and assesses the impact of diet on their condition with advanced image recognition technology. It translates complex molecular data into clear, actionable steps, empowering patients to proactively improve their skin health.

Adhering to the highest standards of privacy and user safety, the ISK-Digital App is GDPR-compliant, ensuring a secure, user-friendly experience. It enhances care quality and improves communication between patients and dermatologists, supporting multiple languages including German, Spanish, English, and French.

 Available for iPhone, Android, Mac and PC users, the ISK-Digital App leverages the power of AI-driven Large Language Models (LLMs) for advanced, real-time monitoring and analysis, empowering patients with chronic skin conditions to confidently manage their health, independently or in conjunction with Ki-DERM.

Check our video to understand how ISK-Digital works